Fashion Size 

Please provide your measurements in inches at the "special instructions for seller" box in your cart before checking out. 


A. Chest Size

B. Under Bust

C. Shoulder 

D. Sleeve Length

E. Sleeve around

F. Arm Hole 

G. Front Neck

H. Back

I. Length 


J. Lehenga Length 

K. Waist

L. Hip

How to measure



J. From waist to floor

K. Across the slimmest part

L. At the widest part

Bangle Size 

Bangle Size Diameter
2.4 2.25"
2.6 2.37"
2.8  2.5"
2.10 2.62" 


How to measure your bangle size perfectly: 

Measuring with a bangle you already own

It's super easy to measure your size with a bangle you already have at home. All you need to do is measure the measure the inside diameter and compare to the our measurement chart above. This measuring method be the most accurate way to find your bangle size.

Measuring your hand

This method can be used to find your bangle size, but needs to be done carefully for an accurate result.

You will need a flexible tape measure.

  1. Make your hand as small as possible, as if you were putting on bangles, bringing your thumb and little finger together.
  2. Using the tape measure, measure the around your hand at the widest point (the tape measure should be pulled tight, not loose). Make note of the actual circumference of your hand.

Footwear Size 

European Size Length of foot (cm) US/AU Size
35 22.5-23 4
36 23-23.5 5
37 23.5-24 6
38 24-24.5 7
39 24.5-25 8
40 25-25.5 9
41 25.5-26 10


Last updated September 2021.