Are the products as seen in the photos?

Yes! The photos of our products on our website are an accurate representation of what you can expect to be delivered! The colours, sizing and quality displayed are true to what the product will be in real life. 

How long does delivery take?
Depending on the product, it can vary from 1 - 28 business days. Refer to individual product descriptions.  

Check out our full policy here

Can I try-on any of the fashion items before I place an order?
We are an online only store, so we do not have try-on facilities. Most of our fashion items can be tailored to suit your exact measurements. Let us know your measurements according to our fashion size chart and leave them in the comment box at checkout. 

How does your fashion sizing work?
Our fashion items can be ordered according to the Australian fashion sizing standards. 

How do I know my fashion size?
Check out our fashion size chart here. 

Can I return and/or exchange an item?
We only offer returns on any products that arrive faulty or that are entirely the wrong product you ordered. If it doesn't arrive as advertised, we want to correct it for you! We do not offer exchanges or returns otherwise. 

Do you have a boutique/physical store?
No, we are an online only store.  

How do I know what my bangle size is?
Check out our bangle size chart here. 

Can I get some styling advice?
Need some help putting together a complete look from Shimmer Bazaar for your upcoming event? Send us and email describing your event and inspiration photo to management@shimmerbazaar.com for a free consultation.

Do you ship internationally?
We only ship within Australia. We hope to ship internationally in the future.

Can you offer same day/next day delivery?
If you require an urgent delivery, email us at management@shimmerbazaar.com and we can try to organise a pick up/drop off for you in Sydney and Melbourne metro areas.

Do you offer kids or mens clothing?
No, we currently only offer beauty, jewellery and accessories for women.

How often do you re-stock your out-of-stock items?
We like to regularly update our store with new pieces on monthly basis. As a result, we do not restock a lot of our items. Most of them are limited edition pieces to ensure we have unique offering for all our Shimmer Bazaar beauties. 

Can I change the colour of the beads/stone in any of the jewellery pieces?
We can try! It really depends on how fixed the existing beads/stones are. Email us to check at management@shimmerbazaar.com. 

Any other questions? Contact us here!